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Your Trusted Freight Dispatching Partner

Efficient Logistics Solutions

At Retro Logistics, LLC, we understand the importance of time management. We will find the loads, book them, deal with all the necessary paperwork, and add it to your schedule. You will always know where you're headed and what your day will look like.

Carrier Administration

We pride ourselves in helping a carrier with anything they need. Whether you're a new carrier needing clarification or a seasoned carrier needing to update paperwork. We are here for all your administrative needs.

Our Journey

Discover the story behind Retro Logistics, LLC and how our dedication and expertise have made us different then all the rest.

We've dedicated ourselves to understanding the intricate world of logistics and freight dispatching because it's in our blood. We have a long list of family and friends that are also truck drivers, some even owner operators. We know the aches and pains of this industry and are here to make each run a little smoother for you. Let us help!


Our Services

Explore all the different services that we have to offer. We're here to make your business more efficient.

Rate Negotiation

We specialize in hitting the load boards early and negotiating loads with brokers that meet your quota. We make sure that every load we book meets your rates per mile requirements. That way every run is worth it for you.

Broker Packet Set Up

We submit and sign off on all necessary documents on your behalf to get you set up with good quality brokers you haven't worked with before. We even credit check the brokers.

Invoice & Factoring

We invoice and submit all necessary documents to the factoring company as soon as the load is completed to get you paid faster. Depending on the factoring company you can get paid the very next day.

TONU/Detention Request

We handle requests for loads that get canceled after you've begun your trip. Getting you compensated for your time and fuel.


Dry Van



Power Only

Dedicated Lanes

We know the struggle of balancing work life and family time. Dedicated lanes allow you to have a consistent and rather local route. In this industry having a dedicated route that gives you consistency and allows you to manage your time better is worth gold. Now, we operate on transparency so we will tell you depending on the area some dedicated lanes are hard to come by but that doesn't mean they're not out there. We actively search for dedicated lanes to make sure we can offer them to carriers. Give us a call and tell us what kind of route you're looking for!


Our Process

How we get you set up as a carrier.


Consult Call

We'll get more information about your business and what kind of loads you're looking for. We'll go over our rates and expectations.


Sign our Carrier Agreement

We'll email you our carrier agreement. It's easy to read, meaning no legal gibberish. You'll send us back a copy of the necessary documents such as MC Authority and Proof of insurance along with a signed carrier agreement.


Verify Information

We'll go through your documents and verify that you meet the requirements to get you the best loads. If you don't already work with a factoring company we can help with that!


Start booking loads

We start booking loads for you. Every load will meet your quota. Meaning every load will meet your rate per mile requirement. 

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