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Refund Policy


We are currently offering a promotion for new carriers. The first 4 loads are FREE. After that each load will be charged a 7% of the rate listed on the rate confirmation sheet.

Refund Policy - Loads

As listed on our carrier agreement we charge 7% of the rate listed on the rate confirmation sheet per load. We invoice for all loads on a weekly basis. We don't charge a set up fee or any kind of administration fee. With that said, we charge for the work already done and it is non-refundable.

Refund Policy - Administrative Work

If we assisted with any administrative work such as but not limited to IFTA Filing, Accounting, ELD Log Audits, Driver Recruiting, etc. and you are unhappy with the services provided we are determined to make things right. Let us know your feedback and we will work out a solution that you are satisfied with. Communication is KEY!

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